Friday, May 4, 2012

Magical Scottish Fling

If you attended the RT BookLovers' Convention you know about this year's Magical Scottish Fling Faery Ball. For those unable to attend, here are some photos, the stage shots courtesy of RT Book Reviews:
This was our Faery Court for this year; we hosted the party. I'm the one in the blue hat next to James Rollins. You can't tell, but I'm in a matching blue cavalier coat and Appin Stewart tartan skirt (kilts are only for men). Unfamiliar with Appin Stewart?
The plaid inside the shield is Appin Stewart.
Each of us had tartan badges like this lining the entrance to the ballroom. I chose Appin Stewart as my tartan.

The costumes this year were fantastic (as always):
Six foot wing-span on this one!

tattooed wings!
You might be wondering - why is this event called both the Faery Ball and the Magical Scottish Fling?

Traditionally, the Convention's Thursday night dinner and dance was called the Faery Ball and had Faery/Mythology themes and costumes. It was thought that after so many years, it would make a nice change-up to open the theme beyond Faery/Mythology. 

So this year the Thursday dinner and dance was called the Magical Scottish Fling. We're the same Court, but your costume only had to connect with Scotland. It could be historical, mythological, steampunk, whatever.

And under the category of I-have-wings-and-am-ready-to-party:
J.A. Konrath & Blake Crouch
Next year we may cast an even wider costume net, we'll have to see. Anything to get the fellas to participate, right?
Courtesy RT Book Reviews
Oh, and if you want a closer look at my hat:
Jacobite Susanne
I hope y'all can attend next year in Kansas City, MO!

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