Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hot Men With Black Cats

Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead with a black cat

Adam Howden (voice actor for Anders in Dragon Age 2 and many other voices, like the Ostagar Prisoner, in Dragon Age Origins) is known to have two black cats.

One of whom is Goose:

This is Adam Howden:

There is also:
Yoko, John, and Pepper (Lennon)

Cary Grant and a black cat

Herbert Tobias and a black cat

Morgan Freeman and a black cat

Robert Redford and a black cat

And, although not actually the owner of this cat,
who can forget:
Spock with a black cat 
from the episode Cats Paw 

Why is this post focusing on black cats?
Because today is NATIONAL BLACK CAT DAY in the UK 

Check out Cats Protection to see what you can do to help out!

Norman Reedus and an armful of black kitty

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