Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wait...Does This Mean...?

Just finished watching an old (1951) mystery movie on Netflix - typical innocent man framed for crime, on the run, etc. Only two people will help him, and older man and a (loose) woman. 

I like these sorts of old movies, so it was fun. And then at the end, when the crime is solved and his innocence proven and we're ready for the big Happily Ever After...


And I'm like: Wait... Wait.... Did that just happen? The woman got a practical gift ... and he's going off to live on the isolated desert ranch with the older man? What year... 1951?! I didn't know you were allowed to end a movie like that in 1951.

I'm still amused.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Litter Shark Alert

I bought an automatic-cleaning litter box the other day. The cats loved it.

Then one of them happened to catch sight of it doing its auto-clean. He has refused to use it since.

I closed him in the bathroom (where the litter box is) with me to show him it was harmless....

Cat:  “I saw it move. I saw that thing rise up and open it’s maw like a shark.”

Me:  “Okay, no more you watching tv with me. It’s giving you wrong ideas. There are no litter sharks.”

Cat:  “I know what I saw.”

Me: (picks up litter scoop, runs it across pan)  “Look. See? Nothing happens.”

Cat:  “Just wait. It won’t STAY dormant if you keep POKING IT WITH A STICK.”

Me:  “Honestly. It’s on a timer. It will never touch you.”

Cat:  “See how my nose is pressed to the crack between the door and jamb? That means I want OUT.”

Me:  “But it’s perfectly safe.”

Cat:  “Yeah, right. You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”