Saturday, July 2, 2011

Litter Shark Alert

I bought an automatic-cleaning litter box the other day. The cats loved it.

Then one of them happened to catch sight of it doing its auto-clean. He has refused to use it since.

I closed him in the bathroom (where the litter box is) with me to show him it was harmless....

Cat:  “I saw it move. I saw that thing rise up and open it’s maw like a shark.”

Me:  “Okay, no more you watching tv with me. It’s giving you wrong ideas. There are no litter sharks.”

Cat:  “I know what I saw.”

Me: (picks up litter scoop, runs it across pan)  “Look. See? Nothing happens.”

Cat:  “Just wait. It won’t STAY dormant if you keep POKING IT WITH A STICK.”

Me:  “Honestly. It’s on a timer. It will never touch you.”

Cat:  “See how my nose is pressed to the crack between the door and jamb? That means I want OUT.”

Me:  “But it’s perfectly safe.”

Cat:  “Yeah, right. You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

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