Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All About Me or Coffee Questions

A friend on Tumblr asked me to share my coffee opinions (being the coffee minx that I am), and I thought y'all might be interested, too. So. Let's talk coffee:
Favorite roast: I’m a breakfast roast (light/medium) gal.
Favorite at-home brewing methodKEURIG keurig keurig keurig (this should be said like “GARY”* - one word to rule them all). I used to have an industrial one but since then I’ve had to make due with the home versions and I wear them out in 1 year. On my third machine now. You might think this means I drink too much coffee. You would, of course, be wrong. ;)
Coffee partners: Cream and sugar. Always take my coffee with cream -if I can get it, otherwise milk - and sugar. When I was dieting (bwahahahaha) I tried sugar-substitutes but they make the coffee taste funny.
What Fancy-schmancy Espresso Drink Would You Be?: Hmmm…. Latte Macchiato with caramel or cinnamon. Hot, sweet, and frothy. :)  Or a Mochaccino with a strong chocolate-y flavor, as that is the best mochaccino to be. 
Favorite store coffee: Dunkin Donuts. And not just because I can give you directions to my house from three different Dunkins in my neighborhood. Dunkin Donuts. They’re EVERYWHERE.
So - what would YOUR answers to these questions be?

*It's a Fallout thing. Sorry. Into almost every post a little Fallout must...fall. 

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