Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yet more Vulpes and Arcade Freeside fanart

I commissioned this What Happens In Freeside-esque image from doubleleaf on dA. It hasn't even been up 24 hours and it's already gotten over 11,000 views! This is due to her skill as an artist, of course.

But I have gotten emails from readers saying they read my fanfic before playing New Vegas, and are now playing the game because of me. I've also received emails saying my fanfic has deepened players' experience of New Vegas.  This all fills me with warm fuzzies and makes me very happy.  Fallout: New Vegas was the first game to make me a Total Fan Girl and I am so pleased to be able to pass that obsession on to others.

Don't know what any of this is about? Read the fic or GO BUY THE GAME!

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