Monday, April 30, 2012

That Flu Virus Going Around

So who has been sick recently? Anyone? (Bueller?)

I recently caught whatever it is going around and it is TERRIBLE. Truly. It's on the biologically-engineered-and-weaponized-will-brutally-melee-you-to-the-floor level of terrible.

Started coming down with it at the RT BookLovers' Convention in Chicago, so I had the hotel provide me with chicken soup:
Yes, those are matzo balls in the soup!

My friends Sahara Kelly and Amanda McIntyre swear by stingers as an aide to flu recovery, so I tried that, too:

Not sure if they followed my directions or not. It's supposed to be 3 parts White Creme de Menthe to 1 part... brandy? Now I've forgotten. (The flu virus ate that part of my brain!)

How do you folks combat the flu/flu season?